GMP manuals - GMP publications

GMP manuals offer the possibility to get detailed information about GMP requirements and their implementation. The most important GMP regulations of the US FDA and the EU should be readily available to anyone working in the GMP environment. For this reason, the FDA's cGMP Guide and the EU GMP Guide can be ordered as printed editions. You can order the GMP manuals here.

The GMP Report offers a further possibility to get comprehensive information. Concept Heidelberg is the publisher of this series of publications, which is published jointly with Editio Cantor Verlag. In addition to pharma-technological topics, such as water systems, clean room technology, sterilization processes, etc., regulatory requirements and microbiological aspects of pharmaceutical production are also covered. Authors from the pharmaceutical industry and GMP inspectors will explain the implementation in practice by means of concrete case studies. Click here for the current GMP Reports.

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