GMP Events

The international regulations of the US FDA and the EU GMP guidelines require that only qualified personnel are employed. At all levels of pharmaceutical production and quality assurance, and also at service providers such as pharmaceutical plant engineering, software providers, suppliers and service technicians, it must be demonstrated that all persons have undergone the necessary training in GMP.

It is crucial that the training is confirmed by a recognized certificate. The following options are available.

GMP E-Learning: This can be used to provide basic training, e.g. for employees on site in production or quality assurance. Especially for new employees who do not yet have any GMP knowledge, this GMP event form is a good way to get started.

GMP seminars and conferences: With this event forum you can further qualify yourself in the GMP area and continue your education as an expert. Seminars and conferences are offered as face-to-face and online events

GMP certification programme: Specialists in the GMP environment should attend a recognized GMP certification programme. The programme offers various qualifications for QA Managers, GMP auditors, validation managers, etc.


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